Li Limin attended the opening ceremony of the 2nd Central Processing Facilities (CPF) of the Amu Darya Co., Ltd.

2014-06-23 13:05

/website-webapp/ewebeditor/uploadfile/20140623130712308On Dec. 13, the grand ceremony was held on the site in Yashyldepe for the construction commencement of the 2nd CPF of the Bagtyjiarlyk Contractual Area in Turkmenistan.

Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov, President of Turkmenistan attended the ceremony personally. The senior delegation of CPECC attended the ceremony under the lead of Xiao Qinghua (Ambassador of China Embassy in Turkmenistan), Zhou Jiping (General Manager of CNPC) and Wang Dongjin (Vice-General Manager of CNPC). Further, as a member of the delegation, Li Limin, Party Committee Secretary of CPECC, also showed up in the ceremony.

In the great attention and formidable hurrah of around 8,000 participators consisting of people from all ethnic groups of Turkmenistan and constructors from CPECC, President of Turkmenistan, General Manager Zhou Jiping and other elders laid a foundation with a shovel for the opening of the 2nd CPF. A state banquet was specially prepared by the President in honor of the visiting guests. Secretary Li of CPECC, General Manager of the branch company in Turkmenistan, Chen Yishen and General Manager of China Petroleum 7th Construction Company, Hao Chunsheng were invited to attend.

The 2nd CPF is a key project of the Phase 2 capacity construction on the right bank of Amu Darya River, with an annual processing capacity of 8 billion m3 natural gas after completion. Depending on good reputation and technical advantages, the Company has successfully won the bidding of the EPPC for package A2 and package B of the processing facilities in the severe competition.


On the morning of 12th, the signing ceremony of the EPCC contract for the 2nd CPF was held in Ashgabat with the witness of Vice-General Manager of CPECC, Wang Dongjin as well as other leaders, and Li Limin, on behalf of CPECC, signed the contract. Leaders of the domestic cooperative companies attended the signing ceremony.