Sudan Branch


Sudan Branch is an oversea representative office of CPECC. Its full name is CPECC Sudan Co., Ltd. Its headquarters is in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan.

The major work of Sudan Branch is contracting for petroleum projects, petrochemical projects and projects in other relevant specialties, and mainly includes the EPC of projects such as surface production facilities for oil and gas fields, refineries, power stations, power transmission lines as well as crude-oil long-distance pipelines, pump stations and terminals. It has completed 108 projects such as the oilfield production facilities for 15 million tons in section 1/2/4, 2 million tons in section 6 and 15 million tons in section 3/7, the refinery for 5 million tons in Khartoum, the power facilities with a gross installed capacity of 158 thousand KW, 400 km of power transmission lines, 600 km of crude-oil long-distance pipelines and over 1000 km of wellhead collecting lines successively since it entered the Sudan market in 1997. 18 of those projects were put into operation or completed in advance and highly praised by the owners and the local governments. Sudan Branch has become the largest contractor in the Sudan market after years’ development.

Domicile: Plot No.273 Block 45, Arkaweet Area, Obied Khatim Street, Khartoum State, Sudan

Tel.: +86-10-58192559

Fax: +86-10-58192599 +249-1-83212844