CPECC donates equipment to educational institution in Iraq's Basra

2019-03-10 14:51
On  Feb 27th, CPECC donated equipment to the directorate of education in Iraq's southern province of Basra, as part of its support to local students.
In a ceremony held in Basra city, CPECC President Liu Haijun said that "we hope this modest initiative by the CPECC will contribute to supporting the education sector in the province of Basra."
"We have made clear achievements in providing job opportunities for Iraqi people, developing relations with local companies and focusing on providing skills and technology transfer through establishment of an international training center," Liu added.
The  donation by CPECC included 5,440 desks, 250 printers, 10 teaching TVs, 1,000 whiteboards and 200 school bags.
CPECC is looking forward to a better future in Iraq, and expressed his hope for the development of Iraqi-Chinese relations in a way that may serve the interests of the two peoples.