CPECC holds first place for CECA's 2018 General Contracting, Overseas General Contracting Rankings by Turnover

2019-01-15 16:08
China Engineering & Consulting Association (CECA) recently announced the ranking for domestic survey and design enterprises in general contracting and overseas general contracting. CPECC holds the first place for both rankings for the year of 2018 .

Established in 1985, CECA is a national social organization in survey, design and consulting industry. Its members basically cover the whole country's survey and design consulting and engineering enterprises. Its ranking of general contracting and overseas general contracting are ranked according to the projects completed by survey and design enterprises for the previous year and overseas general contracting for the same year, which covers nearly all engineering contracting industries. The aim is to speed up internationalization for Chinese construction companies and promote the development of survey and design enterprises, improve the comprehensive strength of enterprises.