Kazakhstan PKOP Shymkent Refinery Phase II Successfully Put in to Production

2018-10-01 09:27

At 19:00 local time, 28th September, in the witness of President Nazarbayev, the key cooperation project between Kazakhstan and China - Modernization and Restoration of Shymkent Refinery Phase II was successfully put in to production. The project was undertaken by CPECC Kazakhstan Branch.

President Nazarbayev praised CPECC for successful delivery of the project, he also stated  Modernization and Restoration of Shymkent Refinery is a key project for‘belt and road' initiative, on time delivery of this project is meaningful and would facilitate oil and gas cooperation between Kazakhstan and China.

At 20:15 local time, the handover ceremony was officially held, KazMunayGas extended congratulations and appreciation to CPECC, and expected more cooperation in the following China-Kazakhstan production projects. As one of the first batch for‘belt and road' projects, successful completion of this project established a new model for China's‘belt and road' initiative and Kazakhstan's Bright Road program.