PKOP Refinery Phase 2 Project Undertaken by CPECC was successfully commissioned

2018-08-20 10:21

On 15th August, the successful commissioning ceremony for Phase 2 of Modernization and Restoration of Shymkent Refinery TOO "PetroKazakhstan Oil Products" was held.

PKOP Refinery Phase 2 Project has 10 units including heavy oil FCC, catalytic gasoline hydrogenation unit, sulphur recovery unit, and the affiliated utilities. On 2 June, the crude flowed into FCC unit. On 11th August, the sulfur recovery unit with 15,000 ton/year was commissioned. On 15th August, the whole plant generated qualified products. The huge project only used 44 days in commissioning, and produced qualified products which created a wonderful commissioning record.

The successful commissioning of PKOP Refinery Phase 2 Project helps in optimizing the structure and production flow, increasing processing depth, gasoline, diesel, liquefied gas production, improving environmental protection standard, resource utilization rate, high added-value products, and promoting economic and social benefits.