CPECC Manufactured the Largest Absorption Column in the World

2018-06-26 09:58

On 16th June, the world's largest absorption column manufactured by CPECC for Hengli Petrochemical 2×2.5 million ton/year p-xylene unit was shipped and delivered at Huangdao wharf in Qingdao. 

Absorption column is the key equipment in an p-xylene unit. It uses solid absorbent, liquid analytical agent and liquid distributor to extract high purified p-xylene liquid. Its special process determines its interior complexity and high quality requirements. The four absorption columns for Hengli Petrochemical adopt Axens patent with 84mm wall thickness, 9.7 meter diameter, 38.5 meter length, and 850 ton weight are the most technology advanced and the largest in production capacity world widely.   

It had taken a year to manufacture these absorption columns. The interiors are very complex, each annular chamber of the column has 448 tubes to be set in irregular angles. With accurate measurement, the deviations were made within 2mm, symbolizes the highest manufacturing capability in domestic market.

The other two absorption columns manufactured for Sinochem Hongrun Petrochemical with UOP patent (the other patent to make p-xylene), 5 meter diameter, 20.6 meter length, and 165 ton weight are ready for delivery. By successfully produced these products, CPECC had become the first Chinese company having the experience in the industry.