The gas lift compressor station in Kazakhstan was put into operation successfully on the first try. The owner sent a letter of thanks

2006-01-04 07:48

Respectable Mr. Chen Yishen,

And respectable builders of CPECC:

Congratulations for your great success! You have completed the construction of the gas lift compressor station successfully. With your hard work and cooperative efforts, the installation and commissioning of compressors were carried out in a very short time. You completed this important task 5 days earlier than the specified date, and made great contribution to the economy of the PetroChina Company Limited. The operation of the new gas lift station will help to enhance the oil production.


We sincerely represent CNPC Aktyubinsk Oil & Gas Corporation to express our great gratitude and sincere respect to the leaders and staff of your company. Though this task had a tight schedule and poor working conditions, you overcome many difficulties and achieved the intended goals indomitably. The construction site was in order, the great achievements were noticeable, and the morale was high. The great work results show that you are professional and love your cause.


We wish you health, happiness and satisfaction. May you succeed in work and contribute to the prosperity of The Republic of Kazakhstan! May the cooperation between Kazakhstan and China be successful!


                                                                                                     CNPC Aktyubinsk Oil & Gas Corporation
                                                                                                                            Jiang Qi
                                                                                                                     September 23rd, 2003