CPECC participated in the emergency leaking stoppage of UNITY Oilfield crude-oil pipelines in Sudan. CNPC International (Nile) Ltd sent a letter of thanks

2006-01-14 07:01

CPECC On-Site Project Department at Heglig Oilfield:

On July 11th, the 20" crude-oil outgoing pipeline of the UNITY Oilfield of Greater Nile Company was leaking, caused the middle and south parts of the oilfield to stop production for 20 hours, and seriously impacted the normal production of the oilfield.


In such an emergency, your department placed the interests of the whole first, imposed no conditions, was not concerned about pay, and quickly assembled and sent personnel to the site to repair the equipment urgently. They made a careful survey with the personnel of Party A, and developed a thorough plan for urgent repair and leaking stoppage. Manager Wang Yao was present at the front line. Facing the jetting oil, Wang directed the emergency personnel to dig around the pipes, find the leaking points and skillfully seal and weld the leaking points at the quickest speed. They completed this task of urgently repairing the crude-oil leaking pipeline with high quality and high standard. During the urgent repair, your department organized personnel and took measures properly. The personnel at the front line worked continuously, were not afraid of hard work and dared to fight against difficulties. No one complained about tiredness. The fact proves that at the moment of truth, Chinese are available, competent and reliable, rush to work at the front line, can cope with dangers and difficulties, dare to fight against difficult situations, and are good at solving problems successfully.


This successful emergency repair minimized the loss of Greater Nile Company, and avoided the terrible accident that the pipeline would be blocked due to solidified oil. It fully showed the good sense of responsibility of CNPC and the Chinese oil team’s style and spirit of striving indomitably and cooperating fully once more.


CNPC International (Nile) Ltd sincerely expresses the highest respect and cordial greetings to all the personnel of CPECC who work hard at the front line of the construction of oilfield production facilities in Sudan.


                                                                                                                  Sun Xiansheng(General Manager)        

                                                                                                                      CNPC International (Nile) Ltd
                                                                                                                                 July 12th, 2005