The overhaul of a refinery in Khartoum, Sudan was successfully completed. The owner sent a letter of thanks

2008-06-10 06:42

Mr. Hou and Other Leaders:

The first-phase coking of the last set of devices overhauled of Khartoum Refinery Co., Ltd. was successfully put into operation at exactly 9 a.m., June 9th, 2008. This indicated that the overhaul of the refinery in 2008 was fully completed three days earlier than the planned date. This overhaul had no accidents and injuries during shutdown treatment, overhaul work and start of operation, achieving safety, stableness, high quality and high speed. The successful completion of the overhaul provided a good basis for Khartoum Refinery Co., Ltd. to achieve its yearly work targets, for CNPC to successfully perform its upstream and downstream integrating business in Sudan, for the stableness of the product oil market in Sudan and for the development of its national economy. This achievement is based on the cordial attention, support and help from Mr. Hou and other leaders of your company, and is brought by all the personnel of your company who participated in, worked hard for and contributed to the overhaul project without any complaints and overcome various difficulties beyond imagination. I sincerely represent the management and staff of the China and Sudan parties in the refinery project to express our sincere thanks for the precious support and help given by your company in this overhaul, to express our sincere congratulations for the outstanding achievements of your company’s construction teams participating in this overhaul, to express the highest respect to the good work style, excellent occupational qualification and outstanding professional dedication that the involved employees of your company showed in the overhaul.


This overhaul of refinery was the first overhaul after the extension of the refinery. The amount of work was large and the work was difficult. The schedule was tight, the requirement for quality was high, and the achievement of HSE targets was difficult. Reviewing the whole process of this overhaul, we may say that every step benefited from the full support, attention and help of Mr. Hou and other CPECC leaders. Despite their busy work, the leaders of the company, such as Mr. Hou, Mr. Gu, Mr. Deng, Mr. Wu and Mr. Wang, held a number of dedicated meetings to arrange and coordinate the overhaul of the refinery project. Moreover, Mr. Deng, Mr. Wu and Mr. Wang were present at the site in Sudan, coordinated work and solved many problems. The functional department of CPECC did a lot of work. Especially, Mr. Du and other leaders of CEPCC Sudan Branch considered the overhaul of the refinery to be a key activity and did much actual and effective work in person. We may say that it would have been impossible to complete this overhaul of the refinery safely and stably three days earlier than the planned date if without your precious support and help and hard work.


After the overhaul, all the production equipment of the refinery started a new production cycle in fully new conditions. We will achieve the safe, stable, long, satisfactory and excellent operation of the refinery project in accordance with the requirements of CNPC and Exploration and Development Corporation. On this basis, we will actively make preparation for the further development of the refinery. We hope that we will still receive more attention, support and help from Mr. Hou and other CPECC leaders in the future work and that the refinery project will achieve more success and progress under the help of the leaders and colleagues of CPECC.


We wish the leaders and colleagues health and successful work.



                                                                                                                  Huang Yongzhang(General Manager)

                                                                                                                          Khartoum Refinery Co., Ltd.